NOAC 2020 Activity Catalog

This activity catalog contains descriptions for activities that are open for individual or delegate registration between April 1 - May 31. Please note, there may be additional drop-in style programming not included in this catalog. Any individual may review the activity catalog, even if they are not yet registered in NOAERS. Using the activity catalog, delegates and staff should consider what program they are interested in participating in. Activity descriptions include intended audience, difficulty level, and any additional cost (if applicable).

From April 1 – May 31, delegates, staff, and contingent leaders will be able to express interest in activities for themselves and/or their contingents. As you select activities you are interested in, you should also prioritize them in order of “most interested” to “least interested.”

Activities below are sorted into Program Areas, which serve as topic areas for the various conference activities. Be sure to find activities in the two “training” categories and the other categories as well!

These preferences will be used to prepare a schedule for each delegate and contingent. These schedules will be released on July 1st and can be modified based on available slots.