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National Office

Mailings sent to the National OA Office should be addressed to...

Order of the Arrow
Boy Scouts of America
1325 W Walnut Hill Ln
PO Box 152079
Irving, TX 75015

Technical Questions

For technical questions about this web site...

Technical Requirements

To fully utilize all of the features of this web site, you must use a Desktop or Laptop computer running the most current version of Internet Explorer (V11) or any recent version of Chrome or Firefox. Mobile devices (phones and tablets) are not full supported yet on this site.

Login Account

To use this system, you must have a Login Account. You only need to create one Login Account on this system. All National OA Events use this system and your one Login Account can be used for all of them.

Creating a Login Account

If you do not have a Login Account, click the Login link on the red Navigation Bar at the top of your screen. Once you are on the Login page, click the link at the bottom of the screen that says "Don't have an account yet? Create one now!". Enter your Account information into the form and click the blue Register button.

Activiating your Account

When you first create your Login Account, the system will send you an Account Activation email. Contained in that email are directions on how to Activate your Account. You cannot do anything on this system until your Account has been Activated. If you did not receive the Account Activation email, be sure to check your spam/junk email folders to see if it was sent there. If the email was marked as spam/junk email, be sure to indicate to your email system to accept emails from the domain If you can’t find the Account Activation email, go to the Login page on this site and click the Need to Activate your Account? link and follow the directions there to have the Account Activation email re-sent to you.

Logging In

Once you have created and activated your Login Account, you can login to this system by clicking the Login link in the red Navigation Bar at the top of your screen. Enter your email address and password and click the Login button. You may also check the Keep me logged in checkbox to keep you logged in on your computer. Be sure to only use this feature on PRIVATE computers only.

If you have forgotten your password, please click on the appropriate link on the Login page to recover your password.

Registering for Events

After you have successfully created a Login Account you can register for events. The Home page of this web site will have information about events that you may currently register for. Please follow any directions or links shown there to register for upcoming events.


Event Roles and DashBoards

If you have a role in an upcoming event, such as being an Attendee or a Contingent Leader, the system will give you access to a DashBoard representing your role in the event. The DashBoard is the place were all of your event related information is shown and is the starting place for any other tasks you may need to do to fulfill your role in the event.

To access a DashBoard for an event...

  1. Login to this system.
  2. Click the My Events link in the red Navigation Bar at the top of the page.
  3. Your events page will list all of the events you are involved with (both upcoming and past). Click the particular Event you want to work with (NOAC 2015 for example).
  4. You will then see details about the selected Event along with a list of the roles or the involvment you have with the Event, be it an Attendee, a Contingent, or an administrative role. Click the role in order to access the DashBoard associated with that role.

Contingent Members - Accessing Your Attendee DashBoard

If you are a Contingent Member (meaning that you are an Attendee that is a member of a Lodge Contingent) it is important that the email address you use for your login, matches the email address your Contingent Leader has entered into your Contingent Member record. If they are different, you will not be able to access your Attendee DashBoard as described above. If you login and cannot see links to your Attendee DashBoard, please contact your Contingent Leader to make sure the correct email address is being used and to change it if neccessary.